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Diversity & Inclusion

Our country & our university have a long way to go to realize our goal of allowing every student in every classroom to feel welcome and valued. My intent is to create a space where these goals are visible and we're making progress toward them. Speaking for myself, I strongly value diversity of opinion and identity, and I hope I can make that clear in my actions. Please let me know if there are ways that I could be doing that better.

"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder."
-- Ralph Sockman

"This man loves test cases like small children love Toys R Us. On multiple occasions I have spent more time writing test cases than I spent writing the actual programs."
-- Anonymous 102 student

Current Courses

CSC 430

CSC 530

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Spring 2021

mon0800–0900, 1600–1700

NB: office hours are subject to change; please consult the google calendar below (weekly view can be helpful) to see if any of this week's office hours have been altered.


office: Building 14, room 208
e-mail: aoeuclements@brinckerhoff.org
phone: (805)756-6528
postal mail:
Department of Computer Science
California Polytechnic State University
1 Grand Avenue
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