Granite Wo-Mon 2020

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By: John Clements

(All pictures courtesy of Chris Guinness and Mary Clews.)

Well, it’s been a rough year—Covid–19, George Floyd, and the extended blundering reign of the orange one—so you might have been forgiven for expecting the seas to boil, or all of the swimmers to be struck by a sharknado (in fact, we’ve had both sharks and tornados in the last month).

Thankfully, none of that happened. Indeed, the largest problem encountered by any swimmers was that the ocean was frankly a bit too warm for those who wore wet suits. Yes, Blue Hill Bay is back to being warm warm warm, which is great for swimmers, if not for all of the other fauna that call it home.

I think all of the swimmers got right out in the floodiest part of flood tide, as well. My timer wasn’t working, but I think that we made it to the dock in something near record time. (I’d be glad to hear from anyone who’s timing device wasn’t on the fritz.)

This year was a bit smaller than average, with five swimmers. The swimmers were definitely well-accompanied, by a stellar support crew.

This year’s event was organized by Mary Clews, who did an amazing job of corralling both swimmers and chase boats. Also, we got great pictures from both Mary and from Chris Guinness. Many many thanks!

Swimmers this year:

  • Mary Clews
  • Mark Read
  • Tricia Sawyer
  • George Pendle
  • John Clements

Support Crew:

  • Sean Guinness
  • Chris Guinness
  • Nathan Semler
  • Andy Wanning
  • Brenna Cohen
  • Charlotte Taylor
  • William Taylor
  • Hal Clews
  • Anna Clews
  • Mouse

All-time swimmer stats : /Granite-Mon-Website/

See y’all again next year!