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Granite Wo-mon 2019

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By: Mark Read

Another year, another foolhardy venture across mackerel-infested waters.

Mother Nature, always the trickster, loves to make folly of our predictions, to wit (from last year): “I hate to say it, but I think the days of wet suits in Blue Hill Bay are over. Pretty soon it’s going to be like the Bahamas up here.”

Oh, John, if only you’d knocked on some wood after writing that we might not have had such a spate of hypothermia this year.

This is all to say that the water was very very cold this year. Four swimmers pulled up short and shivered their way to shore on boats, while others of us that did make it shivered upon completion at the Becton’s dock. It was the Year of the Great Shiver. It was also the 25th ANNIVERSARY of the Granite, née Long Island, challenge. WOW! Congratulations all around! And it was a banner year in all respects other than water temperature. We had a large-ish complement of 10 swimmers, and 7 chase boats watching, ready to ward off any seal attacks. We caught a pretty good flood tide which got the first swimmer (yours truly, Mark Read) into the dock in about 01:20. Tricia Sawyer was leading the way but had to pull up short after an hour in the water due to the cold. It was a glorious morning of bright blue sky, strong sun, a light breeze, and camaraderie to spare.

This year the swimmers were:

  • Mary Clews
  • Moira McMahon
  • Lane Murnik
  • Jenney Wilder
  • Amanda Herman
  • Mark Read
  • Tricia Sawyer
  • George Pendle
  • Molly
  • Heather Dawn Jones

We also had help from an incredible support crew, including:

  • Sean Guinness
  • Mike Murnik
  • Ellis Murnik
  • Nathan Semler
  • Andy Wanning
  • Eliza Wilmerding
  • John Jeffrey
  • Abby Jeffrey
  • Charlotte Taylor
  • Jenny
  • Sara Ardrey
  • Neddie Clews
  • Ana Huseby

None of it would have been possible without the superior cajoling and organizing skills of Mary Clews, per usual. Much gratitude to her and to all the volunteers that help out. The Bectons were especially welcoming this year, with hot beverages and ample towels to warm the cold and weary swimmers. So thanks to them as well.

See you next year!

Photos courtesy of Christina Guinness, and Eliza Wilmerding. Thanks!