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Bicycle Frames I Have Broken

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By: John Clements

A brief diary of broken bicycle frames.

All dates approximate.

This list does not include broken axles or bent forks.

  • 1998 - Diamondback entry-level road bike, broken in crash (my fault (I believe this is how I met Anika))
  • 1999 - Bianchi entry-level aluminum frame, weld let go between down tube & head tube
  • 2000 - replacement Bianchi (much nicer), aft starboard chainstay broke
  • 2001 - Gunnar Cross frame, rusted from inside out after riding in Boston winter
  • 2010 - Felt Hard-Tail MTB frame, starboard chainstay broke where it meets bottom bracket
  • 2012 - Gunnar Cross frame, aft starboard chainstay where it meets dropout (re-welded)
  • 2014 - same Gunnar Cross frame, same exact spot (time to look for a new welder)


  • 2015 - same frame, same place, finally sent it back to Waterford to get a new dropout… and new paint!