Granite Mon 2008

:: granitemon

By: John Clements

I think this was the year of the gorgeous fogged-in tour of the harbor, wherein it was deemed far too dangerous to try to make it to Long Island, much less back again. The water was incredibly warm, though, so we settled for a swim out to the nun, then over to Lappahanink, then to one of the inner-harbor cans, then back to the KYC.


  • Mark Read
  • Ben Walker
  • John Clements
  • Andy Wanning (Andy, can you confirm this?)
  • Justin, were you there?

Andy Writes:

For ’08, yes I was there, but I was just a chaseboater, along with Lena (Kulikova) and Mark’s friend Will Etundi. There was no other biking/climbing that time, ’cuz it was Matt’s wedding day. JP might have done that stuff later on in the year though.

Ed. Note: Andy’s notes and my notes don’t exactly line up. It’s probably me that’s wrong.