“Winnecowetts Olympics”


By: John Clements

The first Winnecowetts olympics is come and gone, and calling anything the “first” is really just asking for trouble, so I guess I’m just being optimistic.

Anyhow, it was a great success. We had 8 participants, and four events.

Target shooting

Shoot a nerf dart through a hanging bicycle tire. Three attempts at each distance.

  • Gold : Christopher Moulton & Alex Clements
  • Silver : Xavier Clements

Olympic Hide & Seek

  • Gold : Alex Clements, Ben Taylor, Xavier Clements
  • Silver : Christopher Moulton, Nathan Clements

Tower Building

Build a tower out of Kapla blocks. Each team had the same number of blocks. I think it was about 40.

  • Gold : Alex Clements
  • Silver : Ben Taylor & Nathan Clements
  • Bronze :

Pool Noodle Javelin

Throw a pool noodle as far as possible.

  • Gold : Nathan Clements
  • Silver : Alex Clements
  • Bronze : Alton Coolidge

Egg Roll (self)

Lying on back and grasping knees to chest, roll along from start line to finish line (about 20m).


  • Gold : Alton Coolidge
  • Silver : Wing Taylor
  • Bronze : John Clements


  • Gold : Liadan Taylor